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Acronym Plain English Input By
A&AEE Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment  
A2C2 Army Airspace Command and Control  
AAA Adaptive Antenna Array  
AAAV Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle UK MoD 
AAR Air-to-Air Refueling  
AARGM Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile UK MoD 
AAW Anti-Air Warfare  
ABCCC III Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Centre III  
ABMOC Air Battle Management Operations Centre  
AC 1. Action Code  
AC 2. Alternating Current  
AC Alternate Controller Mr Ben Irvine 
ACAT Acquisition Category UK MoD 
ACC Air Combat Command UK MoD 
ACC Air Control Centre  
ACCS Air Command & Control System  
ACCSA Allied Computer and Communications Security Agency  
A-CDL Advanced Common Data Link UK MoD 
ACDS Advance Combat Direction System  
ACK Acknowledgement  
ACLS Automatic Carrier Landing System  
ACO Airspace Control Order  
ACP 1. Airspace Control Plan  
ACP 2. Allied Communications Publication  
ACT Action Value  
ACTD Advance Concept Technology Demonstrator/Demonstration UK MoD 
Acty Activity  
AD 1. Access Delay  
AD 2. Air Defence  
Ada 95 Ada 95 Computer Programming Language  
ADatP Allied Data Publication  
ADatP-11/11B Allied Data Processing Publication (Link 11/11B)  
ADatP-16 Allied Data Processing Publication (Link 16)  
ADatP-22 Allied Data Processing Publication (Link 22)  
ADAWS Action Data Automation Weapon System (CVS & Type 42 DDG)  
ADCCN Air Defence Command and Control Net  
ADF Automatic Data Forwarding  
ADF Automatic Data Forwarding  
ADFTA Australian Defence Force TADIL Authority  
ADGE Air Defence Ground Environment  
ADLB ASACS Data Link Buffer  
ADNS Automated Digital Network System UK MoD 
ADOC Air Defence Ops Cell  
ADP Air Defence Plan  
ADSI Air Defense Systems Integrator Ms. Charlotte Trout 
ADSIA Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency  
ADV Air Defence Variant (Tornado)  
AEF Aerospace/Air Expeditionary Force UK MoD 
AEGIS Air Environment Ground Integration System  
AEHIF Advanced Extremely High Frequency UK MoD 
AEW Aerospace Expeditionary Wing UK MoD 
AEW Airborne Early Warning  
AfNec Acquisition for Network Enabled Capability  
AFPAD US Air force Application Program Development  
AHWG Ad Hoc Working Group  
AI Air Interdiction  
AIC Air Intercept Control  
AIP Aircraft Initialisation Peripheral (SHAR/SKW)  
AIRSUPREQ Air Support Request  
AIU Antenna Interface Unit  
AJ Active Join  
AJCN Airborne Joint Communications Node/Adaptive Joint C41SR Node UK MoD 
AK Assignment Key  
ALLOREQ Allocation Request  
ALP Air Logistics Plan  
Alt Altitude  
AMF Airborne, Maritime and Fixed Station UK MoD 
AMSL Above Mean Sea Level  
AMSTE Affordable Moving Surface Target Engagement UK MoD 
AMTD Affordable Manufacturing Technology Demonstrator  
AN Airborne Network UK MoD 
AN/USQ-140(V)(C) MIDS Low Volume Terminal  
ANCA Allied Navy Communications Agency  
ANDVT Advanced Narrow Band Digital Voice Terminal  
ANFT AlphaNumeric Free Text  
AOC Air Operations Centre UK MoD 
AOCC Air Operations Co-ordination Centre  
AOCP Airborne Operational Computer Program  
AOD Air Operation Directive  
AOI Area of Interest  
AOP 1. Air Operation Plan  
AOP 2. Area of Probability  
AOR Area of Responsibility  
AP Adaptable Parameter  
APIS Actual Platform Implementation Specification Mr. Mike Fincher 
APLNR Automatic Position Location Navigation and Reporting  
APP Allied Procedural Publication  
APS Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing Segment UK MoD 
ARCS Automated Radio Control System  
ARFA Allied Radio Frequency Agency  
ARG Amphibious Readiness Group UK MoD 
ARIP Action Route Indicator Parameter  
ARM Anti-radiation Missile UK MoD 
ARP Address Resolution Protocol  
ARQ Automatic Repeat Request  
ARRC Allied Rapid Reaction Corps  
ARS Aeronautical Radio-navigation Service band (frequency band in which JTIDS works)  
AS Assignment Slot  
ASACS Air Surveillance and Control System  
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange  
ASD (C3I) Assistant Secretary of Defence (Command, Control Communications and Intelligence) UK MoD 
ASD (NII) Assistant Secretary of Defence (Networks and Information Integration) UK MoD 
ASO Air Support Operations  
AST Air Specific Type  
ASTOR Airborne Stand-Off Radar  
ASuW Anti-Surface Unit Warfare  
ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare  
AT3 Advanced Tactical Targeting Technology UK MoD 
ATACC Advanced Tactical Air Control Centre  
ATAPI 1.  Advanced Technology (AT) Attachment Packet Interface  
ATAPI 2.  AT Attachment Protocol Interface  
ATC Air Traffic Control  
ATC-Gen Automated Test Case Generator Mr Ben Irvine 
ATDL Army Tactical Data Link  
ATDLP Allied Tactical Data Link Publication  
ATDS Airborne Tactical Data System  
ATH Adjacent Timeslot Handoff  
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode UK MoD 
ATN ASR 891 Test Network  
ATO Air Tasking Order  
ATOD Actual TOD  
ATP Allied Tactical Publications  
AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System  
AWC Air Warfare Centre  
AWCIES ACCS Wide Communication Information Exchange System  
AWS Advisory Warning System (Cobra Ball)  
AWS Angle While Scan (F3)  
AWS Advanced Wideband Satellite UK MoD 
AXP Allied Exercise (or Experimental Publication)